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Inspired by the Alembic bass brand, Jean-Luc Moscato tributes to his own way to gorgeous american basses, became famous in 70’s.

 Like all MOSCATO’s basses, the PEARL is made with outstanding quality and it will suits to players looking for a very specific design. Both « retro » and modern, authentic lutherie’s Lovers will enjoy it.


Body : Flamed Maple, Mahogany, Wenge
Neck : Maple, Wenge, Mahogany, 2 truss Rods, Carbon strips
Fingerboard : Ebony or Bubinga, 24 cases
Nut : 34’’


Pickups : Moscato, Precision align PMB-5L, double Soapbar HMB-5B + slpit.
Preamp : John East U-Retro Deluxe 5 knobs 3 bands


Mechanics : Moscato Headless System
Nut : Brass Moscato
Bridge : Independant bridge ABM

You like this model, but you wish it with different’s woods? other pickups? High Gloss, oil or satine finish? Rendez-vous on our guide!


Alain Rinallo
Alain Rinallo
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