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The love story between Jean-Luc Moscato and Lutherie begins with a painful separation … Just back from Africa, where he lived during several years, Jean-Luc learned at his arrival that the container carrying all his personal’s effects is … sinked straight into the Atlantic ocean !! … And his Gibson SG include !!! …

Once the shock wore off, Jean-Luc decided to built a guitar! He draws a model inspired by the SG, adding his personal touch. Its decided, plane and chisel in hand, he sculpt a Niangon, which is a part of an African exotic wood, most used in woodworking instead of lutherie but nevermind, the piece of wood is gorgeous!

First MOSCATO model is born  allowing to Jean-Luc to make his first steps as luthier artisan!

Time is running out and Jean-Luc plays in a band on his guitar. Musicians he mets were took aback, they encouraged him to embark into lutherie’s world. With two friends, he elaborates the plans of the first models and ideas starts to be in form.

We are in 1996, and Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) is back on stage. He was attracted by the  instruments quality and accepts to associate his name to MOSCATO basses. The project won’t raise for contractual reasons. But the adventure is on! Jean-Luc improves existing models and creates others. The name of MOSCATO begins to spread among musicians and press.

During the following years, the MOSCATO workshop develops and Jean-Luc is today internationally recognized as an outstanding representative of  an esthetics and high range lutherie, but also as a Master Artisan with a warm welcome and fondly listening musicians looking to acquire their dreaming instrument.